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Vivechana is an online publication of GLSBBA which offers highly advanced BBA programme under the aegis of GLS University.

The word vivechana has its roots in Sanskrit language having multitude of meanings which include exposition, criticism, examination, investigation, right judgment, discussion, the act of distinguishing and so on.

It is a well-known fact that the corporate world uses research as a decision-making tool. In order to mentor students on this aspect of the professional world, our institute has made it mandatory for students to write a research paper in their last semester. This online journal is not only an attempt to showcase our students’ critical insight but also to boost their morale by placing their work in public domain which eventually will give recognition to their hard work.

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Indian education system is largely condemned for promoting rote learning. Students under this system strictly adhere to the prescribed syllabus, cram study material which they regurgitate in examinations and eventually get rewarded in the form of qualification. Consequently, students fall short of invaluable knowledge and self-reliant skills which are useful in future careers and other areas of life.

With a view to inculcate analytical skills among students, our institute has introduced research paper writing as a part of its BBA programme. We believe that such initiative as a part of curriculum will not only stoke their urge to explore but also add to common knowledge and exposure to the society. Such self-learning will allow them to sustain in highly competitive and volatile job market.

This online journal is an attempt to institutionalise the emerging research culture of our institute. This journal will not only serve as a forum for the students to exhibit their analytical insight but also motivate them in going beyond the borders of curriculum. Here, we would also like to admit that this research work is done by the beginners and it may lack in the substance produced by the seasoned researchers

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